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Federico Favali

Composer and Musicologist

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About me

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About me

Born in Pietrasanta, he spent his childhood in Lucca, homeland of composers.

In 2004 he graduated in piano at the Istituto Superiore di Studi Musicali “L. Boccherini”in ​Lucca and in 2008 he graduated in DAMS at the University of Bologna. He studied ​composition at King's College London, at the University of Birmingham (PhD), at the ​Conservatory of La Spezia, at New York University-Steinhardt and at the Universidad ​Nacional Tres de Febrero in Buenos Aires (PostDoc). He privately studied conducting ​with Adrian Slywotsky.

His music has been performed all over the world (Germany, England, Argentina, Ireland, ​Indonesia, Australia, South Korea, United States and Japan).

In 2014 the Teatro del Giglio in Lucca commissioned the opera “The Fall of the Usher ​House”, inspired by the tale of Edgar Allan Poe. It was staged at the Teatro San ​Girolamo in Lucca on May 4, 2014.

In 2015 he was invited to Daegu (South Korea) at the Daegu International Contemporary ​Music Festival and in 2016 at the CrossCurrents Festival in Birmingham. In 2016 and in ​2019 he also participated in the Lucca Classica Festival.

In 2016 he was composer in residence of the Associazione Musicale Lucchese for the ​winter chamber music season.

As a musicologist he focuses on the analysis of contemporary music. His fields of ​research are the music of György Ligeti, the music of Thomas Adès, the relationships ​between Jorge Luis Borges' poetics and contemporary music and the relationships ​between mathematics and music.

He is corresponding member of the Accademia Lucchese di Scienze, Lettere ed Arti and ​of the Accademia Senese degli Intronati.

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A complete list of my compositions

Puccini 2024

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My Works


  • Verticalities, for viola (2022)
  • Aegilon, for organ (2022)
  • Perpetuity, for trompet (2022)
  • Leuk, for ukulele (2021)
  • Wajarri, for didgeridoo (2021)
  • Quimeras, for snare drum (2022)
  • Oremis, for musical saw (2020)
  • Shines, for cello (2020)
  • RegenerActions, for violone in G (2020)
  • Quadrifluus, for acting guitarist (2020)
  • Lumìa, for flauto d’amore (2020)
  • Eikónes, for violin (2019)
  • Reveries, for piano (2018)
  • Huegraphies, for flute (2016)
  • Astor and me, for violin (2016)
  • Madiratun, for doublebass (2016)
  • Metalogicalities, for acting soprano (2016)
  • The world is on fire, for doublebass (2016)
  • Zreg, for doublebass (2015)
  • Evanescens, for vibraphone (2014)
  • Intimate memories, for piano (2013)
  • Empire of the light, for cello (2012)

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Small Ensemble (2-9)

  • Tankas, for piano, violin and cello (2023)
  • Sociopathies, for acting soprano and snare drum (2021)
  • Sceneries, for piano and double bass (2016)
  • Aleph, for three sopranos ed ensemble (2016)
  • Hypothetical spaces, for string quartet (2015)
  • Sombras, for flute and violin (2015)
  • Yemaya, for ensemble (2013)
  • Gemma, for flute and harpsichord (2011)

Large Ensemble (10-27)

  • Grande Mottetto, for brass, organ and choir (2019)
  • Qwalala, for harp and ensemble (2019)
  • Time, old age, beauty, for ensemble (2016)
  • Quando passai di qui era di notte, for mezzosoprano and ensemble ​(2016)


  • Sancte Michaël, for choir and piano (2020)
  • El Paraiso de tus Ojos, for four soloists (2018)
  • Spontanea terra, for “a cappella” choir(2014)

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  • Kosmogonia, for violin and orchestra (2017)
  • Ritratti di luce e di tenebre, for orchestra (2015)


  • Con gli occhi di Jennifer, chamber opera (2020)
  • Il crollo di casa Usher, chamber opera (2014)


  • Giacomo Puccini - Intermezzo from Manon Lescaut, for piano (2023)
  • Astor Piazzolla – Adios Nonino, for piano (2022)
  • Giacomo Puccini – Crisantemi, for piano (2020)
  • Arnold Schönberg – Verklärte Nacht, for piano (2016)
  • Luigi Boccherini – Quintettino dello Scacciapensiero (2016)
  • Astor Piazzolla – Inverno Porteño, for piano (2012)
  • Hogo Wolf – 4 Mörike-Lieder, for string quartet (2011)
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Composer Assistant



Martina Puppa - web designer


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